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Pricing Packages:




60 minute performance:

6 baby dinosaurs.

10 min each.



60 minute performance:

Indominus or Raptor: 30 min.

3 Baby Dinos: 10 min. each.



90 minute performance:

Pick 2 giant dinosaurs: 30 min. each

3 Baby Dinos: 10 min. each

all of our packages include:
3 Baby Dinos: Raptor, Stegosaurus, Triceratops
Dinosaur Attendant
Jurassic Park music
Dinosaur Toy table
Kota ride on Triceratops
Our team will arrive 10 minutes before the event start time for setup

Dinosaur Statue pricing:
Jurassic Park gate= $300
Backdrop + table = $150
Electric fence= $100
Paradoxus statue= $150
Dilophosaurus statue= $150
Brachiosaurus statue= $150
Allosaurus statue= $150
Pteranodon statue= $75
Giant Egg= $75
Rock seat= $75
Jurassic Jeep= $75

(4hr. rental time limit for the props and statues)

animatronic Dinosaurs:
Triceritops= $200
Trex= $200
Pachycephalosaurus= $200
(4 hr. rental time limit for the animatronic dinosaurs)


Volcano Blaster
valcano blast.jpg
Dinosaur Play Area
dinosaur party
Dinosaur Props

Book your event:

When booking your event we will need the Time, Date , Contact Phone and Address. Also, a  $100 deposit is required to reserve the Dinosaur rental. The balance is due 3 days prior to the event unless paying by cash. Full refund of the deposit is available if cancelled 30 days prior to the event date. Please note that you may be required to book for more than 1 Hr. and a travel fee may apply based on your event date or location. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Corporate check or PayPal.  

Click here to submit a booking request for  your Dinosaur party rental!

Additional Fees may apply:

Standard additional insurance $50

Primary Insurance $150

Subrogation Insurance $150

Travel Fee: 

There will be a gas fee based on the area.

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